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The Light of Christ Center is a Metaphysical and Educational Organization that engages in a search for meaning, purpose, and direction for life. We believe all people are returning to God, but it takes more than one lifetime (Reincarnation) to master the earthly lessons. We believe that resident within us is Divinity as well as Humanity.

We have an ongoing search to "Know Thyself" through psychological and metaphysical tools. Our Center was established in Huntsville, Alabama, under the direction of the Ascended Masters.

Our belief system comes out of Theosophy. We study Alice Bailey, the Bible, and many other writers and philosophers. We also have great interest in studying comparative religions as there is a thread of truth that runs through them all and connects us all to Spirit.

We believe the only law God gave us is to love one another and all things. We join actively in interfaith and inter-racial activities and urge love, tolerance, unity, and divine justice for all people.

We also feel that Jesus and Buddha brought to the earth the Christ Principles of Love and Wisdom and that we are all to become Christed. Certainly the lives of these two Divine beings are manuals for living the Path of Initiation.

Our Church yard has been adorned with a Labyrinth outlined with brick and homemade pavers on grass. This Labyrinth is open to anyone to walk and meditate at any time they wish.


Description: Description: D:\My Web Sites\prayhands.jpgDoes someone you know need prayer? Click here to send your prayer request by email to our Prayer Circle coordinator. Your request will be circulated to a group of loving friends who will join with you in Spirit for assistance with your needs







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